ISO 9001:2008 Certified

We are the largest manufacturer, supplier, applicator and exporter of high quality top of the line fourh generation building waterproof coatings, thermal insulation coatings, cement and concrete admixture & adhesives in UAE.


Waterproofing & Insulation (Rooflex)

Rooflex is an elastomeric compound, fluid roofing & insulation material which provided protection to buildings.

SBR Admixture (Aquaplast)

Aquaplast is a mutated styrene butadiene rubbr liquid, masonry stabilizer sealer and fancy bricks used as admixtures.

Thermal Insulation Coating (Isothane)

We are the manufacturer of thermal insulation coating which reduce internal temperature up to 45% & save energy cost up to 50%.


Welcome to Samz Chemical Industries (UAE)

Samz Chemical Industry is an ISO 9001:2008 certified waterproofing & thermal insulation coatings manufacturing company with its office at Ajman Free Zone, UAE. We are in this business since 1998 and industrialized setup in UAE at 2014. We are the fastest growing waterproofing & thermal heat insulation manufacturer & contractor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and developed quality insulation & water proof products that are guaranteed to save energy and electricity cost of cooling & heating.

We are the manufacturer & supplier of following products

  • Rooflex - High performance joint-free elastomeric waterproofing & insulation liquid membrane.
  • Aquaplast – SBR waterproofing cement & concrete admixture for repairing & bonding
  • Isothane – Thermal insulation coating

  • Waterproofing Material & Coatings:

    We are the manufacturer, supplier & exporter of water proofing material & products. If you have water leakage at your roof, swimming pools, wet basement or a leaky bathroom, kitchen, and foundation, you need permanent waterproofing solution. Rooflex is the best permanent solution for all your seepage problems, it’s a ready to use fluid material as water-proof and insulation coatings which you can use it on roofs, exterior walls, water tanks, sanitary fittings & in basement.

    SBR Admixture:

    Aquaplast is SBR waterproof admixture, can be used as cement & concrete strength admixture for repairing and bonding. It is also used as waterproof coating and mix for ordinary cement for roofs, basement, bathroom, exterior walls, canal lining, primary coat for pre-paint pre-tile.

    Thermal Insulation Material & Coating:

    We are also the manufacturer of quality thermal heat insulation coating like Isothane, can be used as roofing & exterior wall thermal insulation coating. Isothane is a liquid and can be used as roofing and exterior coatings and it can reduce the internal temperature up to 50% and save energy cost up to 45%.

    We have highly qualified engineers, consultants & technicians to intricate services & products in residential, commercial, industrial and diplomat as well as building management areas in field of waterproofing, thermal heat insulation coatings, roof insulation, SBR ad-mixtures, roof wall protective coatings & construction chemicals.

    We are locally operated and proudly serve to all states of United Arab Emirates (UAE) such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Al Ain and Umm al-Qaiwain. If you have query related to our products or looking for a waterproofing company near you? Just visit the Contact Us page.


Waterproof Coating

We are manufacturing high quality water proofing coating & membrane for construction industry and willing to supply all over the UAE at economical cost.

Thermal Insulation Coating

We are an expert insulation material manufacturer, having experience in this industry and our products are available at reasonable and high in quality.

Construction Chemicals

We are the professional manufacturer, exporter and supplier of construction chemicals of high quallity in UAE. Our construction chemicals can be used to construct buildings.

"Delivering Complete Solution to Construction Industry"

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